XPORT ELEMENTS from AutoCAD 2015-2019 to ETABS2016

Alan Arango   November 1, 2017   Comments Off on XPORT ELEMENTS from AutoCAD 2015-2019 to ETABS2016

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XPORT ELEMENTS is a smart and handy plugin that allows users to copy 2D objects from AutoCAD® and paste them as 3D elements in ETABS®.

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XPORT ELEMENTS performs copy/paste operations of structural elements through two simple interfaces: one for AutoCAD® and one for ETABS®. In the AutoCAD® interface, the user can select and copy polyline boundaries of walls, slabs, openings and columns. The ETABS® interface converts these boundaries into model objects and automatically assigns the respective section properties.

The plugin will analyze the data copied from AutoCAD® and automatically find the centerlines for each wall. A single shell element is added in the ETABS® model along each one of these centerlines. The plugin will also determine from the AutoCAD® element the thickness for each wall, create a new section property that matches the wall thickness and assign it to the respective shell element.

The process is simple and straightforward, and unlike other exporting procedures, it avoids the need of inserting the entire DWG/DXF file into ETABS®.

Download our User Manual to learn more about this plugin.

The video below is a demo of how XPORT ELEMENTS perform the copy/paste operations:

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Release Date

August 2017

Compatible with:

AutoCAD® 2014 and 2015
ETABS® 2015 and 2016


Windows 7, 8 and 10