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Sections Xplorer is an ETABS® plug-in that provides multiple tools to quickly and easily browse and modify the properties of area sections.

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    The Sections Xplorer app provides several tools to easily review and edit the properties of area sections used in walls and slabs of ETABS® models. The app runs within the ETABS® interface, after installation the user can readily access it from the Tools menu. The program includes the following features:

    • Automatically add the slab thickness and material to the section name. If these properties are modified, the user can automatically update the section names to match the new values.

    • A single interface to edit section properties such as thickness, color, stiffness modifiers, mass, weight and material.

    • Quickly edit the properties for multiple area sections at once.

    • Browse through the section properties of multiple sections with a single click.

    • Review, compare and edit the property overwrites for all the selected slabs or walls.

    • Axonometric views that display the orientation of each one of the stiffness modifiers for slab and wall sections.

    Download our User Manual to learn more about this plugin.

    The videos below are a demo of how Sections Xplorer can help you to easily review and edit the properties of slab or wall sections:

    Demo 1 – Sections for walls and slabs


    Demo 2 – Wall elements and slabs

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    Release Date

    December 2022

    Compatible with:

    ETABS® 20


    Windows 10 and 11