Move Joints

Alan Arango   May 29, 2017   Comments Off on Move Joints

USD 75.00

Move Joints is a powerful plugin that simplifies the edition of 3D models in ETABS®.

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    Move Joints for ETABS® is a user friendly plugin designed to effortlessly modify the joint coordinates of a 3D model in ETABS®. The plugin is ideal for conceptual stages of structural design, where walls or slab extents need to be adjusted multiple times or for seismic retrofits designs. The app can be used to easily do the following tasks:

    • Match the X, Y or Z coordinates of multiple joints to a reference joint.

    • Move joints to a certain offset from a reference joint. For instance specify a wall length (offset from wall end) and the program will update the wall length.

    • Align multiple joints to a reference line.

    Download our User Manual to learn more about this plugin.

    The video below shows how Move Joints can help you to easily edit the joints coordinates:

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    Release Date

    May 2017

    Compatible with:

    ETABS 2015 and ETABS 2016


    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)